convince...of是什么意思 convince...of在线翻译 convin

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1. Especially if I'm trying to convince them of something.

2. We want to convince others of our ideas.

3. convince...of的意思

3. If you have a good idea, then first of all, convince me

4. Maybe I just need someone who can convince me of marriage and never give up on me.

5. This way you will convince you of the investment bank`s senior management, they will very happy.

6. You have the ability to convince the world of anything you want them to believe and you shamelessly do so.

7. Convince sb of sth -- I convince him of my honesty.

8. convince...of的意思

8. Convince of sth.

9. Persuade sb. of honesty, assure sb. of the best seats, convince sb. of sth.

10. Convince sb/that---I convinced him of her honesty.=I convinced that she was honest.
worth 是一个形容词也是一个名词,只能做表语:值钱的,值得。。

11. Convince sb of sth.

12. Convince sb of...

13. Convince sb/oneself of sth.

14. The effectiveness of the threat depends upon a state's ability to convince a potential adversary that it has both the will and power to punish him severely if he undertakes the undesirable action.

15. convince...of的翻译

15. They must on no account make sweeping criticisms, find something suspicious everywhere they look, use a position of power to intimidate others or try to convince them through sophistry.

16. convince...of的近义词

16. Therefore, you convince yourself that your lies are real. No one wants to be guilty of anything.

17. 911查询·英语单词

17. Firstly, we used the media and sponsors relation we had cooperation before. We used the personal relationship of our major professor to convince the h ellenistic brand Folli Follie as our accessories sponsor. At the same time, we invited a French red wine brand as our red wine sponsor and held red wine culture introduction and wine identify. Also we got the sponsor from a Japanese etiquette firm exchange the table manner at the party.
我们充分利用了之前和学校合作过的媒体和赞助商,并且利用老师和同学在时装公司实习的关系,找到了比较符合我们那次派对风格的首饰赞助商FOLLI FOLLIE,同时还邀请了某法国红酒赞助商进行现场的红酒鉴赏 Wine identify以及某日本礼仪公司进行现场的西餐厅礼仪 table manner。

18. The faster you are going the farter ahead you must look. If you experiences of looking at the wrong places will convince of the need for proper vision patterns, learning to read the trial will keep the mow roll.

19. convince...of

19. This is a manipulation of scripture to convince the reader of the importance of this book.

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