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1. 一进学校大门是一个大操场,操场上安装了6个篮球筐和4个乒乓球台。
It is a big drill ground while going to school front door, installed 6 basketball baskets on the drill ground with 4 ping-pong sets.

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2. 据报道,上海所有的学校操场都将在寒暑假期间免费向市民开放。
It is reported that citizens will have access to all school playgrounds in shanghai during winter and summer holiday.

3. 另一个,我吸收的大图书馆,学校校舍和广泛的操场上。
Another, I am absorbed grand library, school buildings and wide playground.

4. 我们学校是七个班,有一个学前班,还有一到六年级,教室是五层,我们有两个通道,一个左边,一个右边,平时的时候是分了一二三年级走右边的通道,当时地震刚刚发生时,同学和老师的反应都非常快,大概用了三分钟左右,全体同学和老师都集中在操场上,班主任老师和任课老师把每个班的同学清点了,当时刘海同学和我到教室里,挨个教室看了一下没有同学,把同学聚集到非常安全的地带。
Our school is 7 classes, have a class before learning, still one arrive 6 grade, the classroom is 5, we have two channels, a left, a right, at ordinary times when was to divide just a little the channel that 3 year take right side, when the earthquake just happens at that time, the reaction of classmate and teacher is very sharp, used 3 minutes or so probably, all classmate and teacher are centered on the playground, classmaster teacher and teacher assuming a tax the classmate check the amount every class, bang classmate and I arrive at that time in the classroom, in turn the classroom looked to do not have a classmate, collect the classmate to very safe region.

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5. 学校北面,每天早晚人声鼎沸的操场上,此刻空无一人,唯有六对篮球架默默地立在跑道中间的篮球场上。
In the north part of campus, there was the plaground full of hubbubs ever morning and evening, at that moment nobod was there, onl six pairs of basketball stands stood silentl on the basketball court in the middle of the track.

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6. 一辆卡车驶进了学校积雪覆盖的操场。
A truck pulled into the snow-covered playground of the school.

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7. 学校现位于承德市竹林寺小区竹林寺街道56号,占地面积7000平方米,操场面积4200平方米,教学楼的建筑面积4176平方米。
The school district is located in Chengde City Chikurinji Chikurinji street 56, covers an area of 7, 000 square meters, the playground area of 4, 200 square meters, the teaching building of the construction area of 4176 square meters.

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8. 我在路德小学上学的时候,我的祖父母就住在学校的后面,与学校的操场只有一墙之隔。
Sometimes, on school days, my cousins and I got to go around the block to Grandma's house for lunch.

9. 在加拿大麦克默里堡伊斯兰学校外的学生们在跳绳,欢笑声回荡在操场上。
Laughter echoes across the yard as students jump rope outside the Fort McMurray Islamic School in Canada.

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10. 学生们在加拿大麦克莫里堡伊斯兰学校外跳绳的笑声在操场上回荡着。
Aughter echoes across the yard as students jump rope outside the Fort McMurray Islamic School in Canada.

11. 一辆卡车驶进学校冰雪覆盖的操场。
A truck preasent at the snow-covered playground of school.

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12. 我想我们可以星期日在我们学校的操场上举办。
I think we may have it on our school playground on Sunday.

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13. 超过700人把学校操场挤的水泄不通,在听完上人的慰问信,这份关怀让许多人泪流满面。
After listening to the reading of a letter from Tzu Chi founder, Master Cheng Yen, many disaster victims are moved to tears.

14. 这个周末在学校操场将有一场足球赛。
There will be a football match on the play groung this weekend.

15. 在学校的操场实在连一个狭窄的地方都没有。
There isn't room to swing a cat on the playground of school.

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16. 我这两个朋友的名字是suryadev 和phani。他们的外号suri和panda。从幼儿园一直到十年级,包括高一高二,我们都在一所学校,但现在我们在印度三所不同的学校里上学。但我们只要一回家,我们就会到我们家附近的操场上打板球,一打就是几个小时,晚上再去看夜场电影。我们三个人打板都很好,我们都是校队的。我是校队副队长,Suri是击球手,他击球力量很大,一般情况下一击可以得个大号的6分。我也准备申请进入这所大学,也正在为考试学习。
Names of my two friends r suryadev n phani. their nicknames r suri n panda resp. we studied in the same school 4m nursery to 10th n in also +1, +2 grades but now we three r studying in three different places in india. but now also when we go to home we go to the ground near my house n play cricket 4 hours n then go to the late night movieshow. also we three play cricket so well n all the 3 were in the school cricket team n i'm the vice captain of it n suri is opening batsmen n he hits the ball very hard so that the ball should definetely go to a huge six. i also read for getting admission to this university n took coaching 4 the exam.

17. 体育课的话,就是在学校的操场上做做体操和拍皮球的游戏。
Physical education, the school is recreating gymnastics on the playground and shoot the ball game.

18. 体育课的话,就是在学校的操场上做做体操和拍皮球的游戏。
The physical education speech, is in the school drill ground makes gymnastics and 拍皮球 the game.

19. 操场更是凛冽,小高蹲着抱成一团,心里早不在学校,几乎几次想退学返乡,却想到家人的倥侗实在可怕,思想的僵化,以为寄托给学校,好孩子的前途无量,从而……小高看着僵尸般的水泥地面,踩在上面的便是living corpse。
The playground is cold, while squatting XiaoGao, early in the school, almost tried several times to return, but thought out of the family, the ideological KongDong is rigid, thought to the school, the child's future, thereby XiaoGao... at the cement ground, trample zombie in living is corpse.

20. 是的,我们学校的操场不一样了。
Our school's sports field is different.

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