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1. Alexandra的近义词

1. It should be noted that Princess Alexandra of Fife later married Prince Arthur of Connaught, a first cousin of Princess Louise.

2. Potential semifinal opponents for Venus are No.3 seed Caroline Wozniacki, although the Dane has been struggling since mid-April after injuring her ankle in the Charleston semifinals; No.6 seed Svetlana Kuznetsova, who has had a string of early losses this year but did win the French Open a year ago; recent Top 10 stars Li Na and Flavia Pennetta; and a true dark horse, No.31 seed Alexandra Dulgheru, who won the Premier-level lead up tournament in Warsaw last year, has gone deep there again this year.


3. Ian Punnett was joined by nationally-recognized expert on snitching, Alexandra Natapoff, for a discussion on the perils of using informants in our criminal justice system.

4. Those less familiar with the forward-moving Prada mind may have been non-plussed by hairy two-tone skull caps with racing jockey stripes or rubberised mohair – and let`s face it, it`s unlikely that they`re going to be first on the shopping lists of Alexandra Shulman or Anna Wintour in the front row – but her fashion magician`s hand on never-seen-before fabrics combined with a skill for creating something both unique and progressive each season is what puts Miuccia Prada ahead of her game.
最后一段不翻了,累死人了。大意是:那些不了解Prada精神早期演变的人或许会被毛绒绒的带有赛马跑道和橡胶马海毛的双色头盖骨帽困惑住。让我们面对它吧。它未必是第一个出现在坐在头排的Alexandra Shulman或Anna Wintour的购物单上的商品。——但是,她每一季结合了独特性和创新性技术的前所未有的面料,正是将Miucia Prada 推向游戏前沿的时尚魔幻之手。

5. Alexandra的翻译

5. The first gate layer, since the order of east to west; WANG Yin visit; 伯牙鼓琴; finishing touch; Tsam snake raised an army; simple; Liu Yi Chuan books; 舜耕Alexandra; the bridge book award.

6. The heroine of this novel, Alexandra Bergson, like her name, symbolized the mother of earth for her resourcefulnessand resoluteness.

7. In one respect, Madame Chiang was very much like the consorts of Czar Nicholas and Louis XVI. Not actually foreign born like Alexandra and Marie Antoinette, the madamissimo was nevertheless somewhat of an alien among her own people.

8. Alexandra

8. And more are expected to be hired to help at Alexandra's main seaport, where the government declared a state of emergency last week.

9. Alexandra

9. Nicholas and Alexandra called him Alexis in memory of the second Romanov tsar.
Nicholas 和Alexandra 称他Alexis 以记念第二Romanov tsar 。


10. In a symptom of the times we live in, Alexandra Palace still has a purpose.

11. Alexandra

11. Onto the stage at London's Alexandra Palace and after two hours, a new winner was announced.

12. Her agent, Robin Wade, showed the book to Alexandra Pringle, editor-in-chief at Bloomsbury, who is also Donna Tartt's editor.

13. Year-old Alexandra gets ready to spend summer vacation by the seaside with his family.

14. At age 14, Lene Alexandra appeared on television for the first time on a Norwegian talent show called Juniorsjansen.

15. A video company boss Joe Francis had reached out to Ashley Alexandra Dupre, now 22, with an offer of $1

16. Alex Meneses was born Alexandra Estella DeAnna Meneses, on the south side of Chicago.

17. Jim male player salary is barely enough to maintain a small staff of life, the heroine Alexandra Xian-hui is a good housewife.

18. In 1875, a religious element was returned to naval christenings by Princess Alexandra, wife of the Prince of Wales, when she introduced an Anglican choral service in the launching ceremony for battleship Alexandra

19. Prince Carl was the second son of Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark, Queen Alexandra's elder brother, and Princess Louise of Sweden.

20. Police discovered the bodies of Alexandra, 8, and Ashley, 5, at their home in February, along with those of three dogs and a pet mouse. Police were called to the home about 25 miles north of Detroit by one of Kukla's sisters.
二月警方接到Kukla的姐姐的一个点话,来到离底特律25英里的家中,在他们家中发现了Alexandra 8岁和Ashley5岁的尸体,以及3条狗和一只宠物鼠。

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